Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Create a new course

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Edjet LMS offer a wire range od authoring tools to build engaging digital courses. To build a course content you need to add lessons to it.

To create a new course:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. In the menu click school Courses.
  3. In the toolbar click add New course.
  4. Fill in the Name of the course.
  5. Click tab Content.
  6. Enter Course lead text and the Course summary.
  7. You can add the course image.
    See the steps below.
  8. You can add Instructors and Forum to your course.
  9. You can add downloads.
  10. In the toolbar click save Save.

Adding a course image

A course image gives learners a snapshot of your course content, and can be a great way to grab a learner's attention when browsing a course library. Make sure that the image relates directly to the course content and is tonally appropriate.

To avoid confusion, each course should have its own, unique image. Do not use the same image for more than one course.

Steps to add the course image:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. Find the course and click edit icon edit in the row.
  3. Click tab Content.
  4. Click the image icon photo, or click add Add.
  5. If the file is already uploaded in the Media Library, find the file there.
  6. If the file is placed on your device, click Upload in the toolbar and upload the file to the LMS.
  7. In the toolbar click save Save.

Recommendations for course image

Course images should be in high resolution. Avoid textual information such as the name of the course within the course image.

Image specifications:

  • Aspect ratio: recommended is 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 1:1 or something between - avoid portrait (vertical) formats
    Learn more about image aspect ratio.
  • Dimensions: no smaller than 800 x 600 pixels, maximum 3200 x 2400 pixels
    The maximum resolution can vary depending on the server memory limit.
  • Format: JPEG (JPG) or PNG
    Learn how to choose the right format according to your graphics.
  • RGB color model - avoid CMYK color model
  • Maximum file size 5 MB
    The maximum file size can vary depending on the server memory limit.

Image will be optimized for fast loading automatically.

Troubleshooting course image:

Problem: Image is not rendered, or is partially rendered.

  • Try to upload image with a lower resolution or lower file size that will render correctly.
  • If the images that are not rendering are within the specs above and still not rendering, ask your Edjet LMS Server administrator to increase a server memory limit for a PHP GD library.
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