Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Create a YouTube lesson

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Adding a YouTube lesson to your course allows you to add video hosted on YouTube.

  • You can add any public or unlisted video you know the video address of.
  • You can add video from any creator or channel.
  • It is a good idea to add videos from your own YouTube account.

To upload your videos to YouTube, a Google account is required.

Edjet LMS offer multiple options to add video content. Choose the right for you.

This lesson type is suitable:

  • to add "talking head" video as intro or summary of topic, to build trust and credibility, demonstrate support or empathy, share a story or share your perspective and to engage learners,
  • to add screencast video to walk through multi-step processes, show using a software, how to learn programming languages or in general tasks performed on the computer, tablet or phone.
  • to add movie style or video clip video to create "wow" effect.

Steps to add YouTube video:

  1. Visit YouTube website or launch the app.
  2. Find the video.
  3. To get a YouTube video address:
    • Copy the video address from the browser address bar,
    • or, use the share feature to copy the link.
  4. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  5. In the menu click school Courses.
  6. Find the course and click edit icon edit in the row.
  7. In the toolbar click add New lesson.
  8. Click YouTube.
  9. Enter the Lesson name.
  10. Enter YouTube video address (URL).
  11. In the toolbar click save Save.

Extending the lesson content

Lesson can be extended by adding an optional content:

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