Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Export learners to CSV

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Export learners from Edjet LMS to CSV file and download the file to your device.


  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. In the menu click people Learners.
  3. In the toolbar click view_column Columns.
  4. Add or remove columns you want to include or exclude in the export.
    Tip: You can save your settings for the next time.
  5. Select rows to include in the export using checkbox.
    Learn more about data table settings.
  6. In the toolbar click unarchive Export.
  7. You can change mapping of exported data using Advanced export settings.
  8. In the toolbar click unarchive Export.
  9. To confirm the data export click OK.
  10. You can review the Export results log.
  11. In the toolbar click cloud_download Download.

For more detail see exporting your data to Excel, Calc or other spreadsheet.

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