Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Data tables

Instructor info

Edjet LMS data tables are powerful feature that represent the data of different kinds, like learners, courses or comments. Data tables enable administrators to use various tools to manage and analyze the data in real time.

Columns and rows

A data table is an arrangement of information or data, organized in rows and columns.

  • Row of the data table represent an item – for example the learner.
  • Columns represents an item properties – for example the name of the learner.

Change row count

You can change how many rows should be displayed in the data table.

To set a row count:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. Navigate to any page with a data table.
  3. In the toolbar click desktop_windows Appearance.
  4. Click Items per page and choose an option: 10, 15, 25 or 50.
  5. Click OK.


  • Paging option only apply when paging is enabled.
  • If there are folders the row count do not apply. To disable the folders click Turn off, if available.

Disable paging

You can display all rows in the data table on one page.

Warning: Disabling paging in a component with many rows (1000+) can cause the application or browser to be slow or non-rendering.

To disable the paging:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. Navigate to any page with data table available to you.
  3. Click Paging in the data table footer.

To enable paging click Paging again.

If the data grid is not rendering, please clear cache in your browser.

Reports and analytics