Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Customize data table columns

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Learn how you can add, remove or reorder columns and how to sort your data.

In Edjet LMS, you can:

  • add or remove columns in your view,
  • customize the order of the columns,
  • and set the column to sort your data ascending or descending.

Add, remove or reorder columns

To manage columns visibility and order:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. Navigate to any page with custom columns support available to you.
    See Pages with search and filter support below.
  3. In the toolbar click view_column Columns.
    If the button is not available in the toolbar, or it's disabled, this feature is not available.
  4. To add a column click add Add under the list of columns, click column name and then click OK.
    • You can select multiple columns using Ctrl + click, range of columns using Shift + click or all columns using Ctrl + A.
  5. To remove column, click remove icon cancel in the row.
    • You can remove multiple or all columns using checkbox and clicking cancel Remove under the list of columns.
  6. You can reorder columns by dragging the row by move icon drag_handle up or down.
    The order top-bottom in the list corresponds to left-right order of in the view.
  7. You can change the alignment of the column content using Align option (Left, Right, Center).
  8. In the toolbar click save Save and close.
    To apply the columns setting without closing the dialog, click Save.

Sort your data

Current column used to sort, is visually highlighted using light blue color and arrow up or down next to column name.

To sort your data by specified column:

  1. Click a column name you want to sort by.
  2. To change sort order ascending or descending, click column name again.

To sort data grid with folders, it has to be disabled first using link Turn off and then click on column title you want to sort by.

Resetting column settings

To reset custom column settings click View dropdown above the data grid and choose default system view.

You can also logout and log in back to the LMS. This will reset any unsaved custom column settings in any data grid.

If you want to save the column settings permanently, save it as a custom view.

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