Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Import learners from CSV

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If you need to create many learner accounts at once, you can create a CSV file and import it into the Edjet LMS.

Steps to import learners from your CSV file:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. In the menu click people Learners.
  3. In the toolbar click archive Import.
  4. If the file is placed on your device, click Browse files.
  5. If the file is already uploaded in the Media Library, click Choose from media library and select the file there.
  6. Click Import in the toolbar to begin import.
  7. To confirm the import click OK.

The summary dialog about accounts creation is displayed.

Please check the import status for any errors.

CSV file requirements

  • Encoding: UTF-8, LF
  • Separator: ; (semicolon)
  • Text delimiter: " (quotation marks)

Sample CSV file to download

Download the sample CSV file to fill with your data.

The CSV file contains all common learner data that can be imported. See the specification of the data columns:

Column Description Required
prefix Degree no
name First name no
middlename Middle name no
surname Last name yes
email Email address no
www Web – NOT SUPPORTED no
job_title Job title – NOT SUPPORTED no
code Code – Your own identification code, it should be unique no
login User name – if it is omitted or empty, the LMS will generate it from the last name no
password Password – If the password is blank, the user must reset the password before logging in for the first time. no
localization Localization – Language code that sets the language of the application for the user:
en-US – English
cs-CZ – Czech
pl-PL – Polish
sk-SK – Slovak
de-DE – German
ru-RU – Russian
phone Phone 1 no
phone2 Phone 2 – NOT SUPPORTED no
phone3 Fax – NOT SUPPORTED no
comment Notes – Internal user comment ne
group Name of user group – import matches users to an existing group. If the group does not exist, it creates a new one. Make sure the name is unique within the CSV and the LMS database. ne

Troubleshooting CSV import

Error/Warning "Insufficient data supplied.“

  • Check the file use “csv” extension.
  • Using free text editor (Notepad, Pspad, VScode) make sure the file use UTF-8 encoding.
  • Make sure your data do not contain delimiter character (").
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