Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Export your data to CSV

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You can export your data from Edjet LMS to CSV file and then import the data into your spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, or any other and create basically any advanced custom reports.

The main advantage of this approach, apart total freedom to create any report you need, is an option to combine data from multiple tables into one report.

To export your data in bulk to CSV file and download it to your device:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. Navigate to any page with data table.
  3. Set the filter conditions and columns you want to include in the export.
    You can also load any saved view.
  4. Use checkbox to select rows you want to include in the export.
    Learn more about data table settings.
  5. In the toolbar click unarchive Export.
  6. You can change mapping of exported data using Advanced export settings.
  7. In the toolbar click unarchive Export.
  8. To confirm the data export click OK.
  9. You can review the Export results log.
  10. In the toolbar click cloud_download Download.

Import the CSV file into your spreadsheet software

Use import dialog in your spreadsheet software and set the import properties according to CSV file format:

  • Encoding: UTF-8, LF
  • Separator: , (colon)
  • Text delimiter: none

For mode details follow your spreadsheet software manufacturer's instructions.

Troubleshooting export to CSV

If you have many rows to export (several thousands), select data in smaller ranges (up to 1000 rows) using the filter.

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