Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Troubleshooting messages

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Removing problems with messages, email delivery and spam.

Problem: Some people are not receiving the emails

  • Cause: Anything from SMTP server configuration to messages going to SPAM.
  • Solution 1: Wait until the mailing is send out completely. Sending out many e-mails (hundreds or even thousands) can take up to couple of hours, depending on LMS / SMTP server configuration.
  • Solution 2: Ask your learners to check their SPAM folders. If the e-mails from Edjet LMS are going to SPAM, ask administrators of you e-mailing/SMTP server to take action.
  • Solution 3: Check the status of messages in the Edjet LMS. If the status is “Error” or “Stopped”, contact your Edjet LMS administrator.
  • Solution 4: Check your email address domain status on DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records.

Problem: No messages are send and emailing show status "Stopped"

  • Cause: Mass mailing is not configured properly, or the SMT server is not responding.
  • Solution: Contact administrator to check SMTP server & mass mailing configuration and SMTP server status.

Problem: Subject is cropped in the email client

  • Cause: Subject is too long and can cause problems with the display (corruption or cutting) in some email clients
  • Solution: Before sending out a campaign, we recommend sending out a test round.

Problem: Message content is displayed improperly in email client

  • Cause: incompatibility of some email clients.
  • Solution: Simplify or remove problematic parts of the message content using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Other solution: Depending on your need, you can also ask administrator to switch email format from HTML to plain text.

Problem: Users not added to recipients list

  • Cause: Duplicate users, users with invalid email addresses or users without addresses are removed from recipients list.
  • Solution: Check users for missing or invalid email addresses.