Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Send message to your learners

Instructor info

You can email a single learner or administrator, a group of users, an entire database, or even people without Edjet LMS account.

However there is no limit on how many recipients you can mail to at once, we recommend to keep the count reasonable.

To create and send the message:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. In the menu click email Messages.
  3. In the toolbar click add New item.
  4. Enter the Subject of the message.
    You can use variables or localization strings (see below).
  5. Write your message into the Content input using the editor.
    You can use variables or localization strings (see below).
  6. Click Recipients tab.
  7. To add people with Edjet LMS account: click Learners, Administrators or Groups, find and select users using checkbox and click check_circle Add.
    Duplicate users, users with invalid email addresses or users without addresses are remove from recipients list.
  8. To add people by email address click Email, enter email addresses (separated by semicolon) and click OK.
  9. To remove people from recipients click Remove.
  10. In the toolbar click save Save.
  11. In the toolbar click play_circle_fill Send.

You can check the message status on Recipients tab, or on the Messages page.


You can use variables to add dynamic content to your message Subject and Content parts. For example, you can add user's name to create personalized email.

Variable Description
%%recipient_username%% Recipient's User name (require recipient object)
%%recipient_fullname%% Recipient's Full name (require recipient object)
%%recipient_prefix%% Recipient's Degree (require recipient object)
%%recipient_name%% Recipient's First name (require recipient object)
%%recipient_middlename%% Recipient's Middle name (require recipient object)
%%recipient_surname%% Recipient's Last name (require recipient object)
%%recipient_email%% Recipient's Email (require recipient object)
%%recipient_job_title%% Recipient's Job title (require recipient object)
%%recipient_code%% Recipient's Code (require recipient object)
%%recipient_phone_1%% Recipient's Phone 1 (require recipient object)
%%recipient_phone_2%% Recipient's Phone 2 (require recipient object)
%%recipient_fax%% Recipient's Fax (require recipient object)
%%recipient_web%% Recipient's Web (require recipient object)


Message Subject and Content can be localized using localization strings.

Use any existing localization string in the format: %%_your_localization_string_%%

Output language is based on recipient's current user language preferences. If the recipient has no LMS account, LMS default language is used.

Stop the message sending process

You can stop sending a messages:

  1. Sign in to Edjet LMS admin.
  2. In the menu click email Messages.
  3. Find the message and click edit icon edit in the row.
  4. In the toolbar click stop Stop.

Message status is changed to “Stopped”.