Edjet LMS Server 6.4

Activate automatic issuing of the certificates

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Automatic issuing of the certificates need to be enabled in the course settings. When enabled, Edjet LMS generates a certificate automatically every time the learner completes the course.

Steps to enable automatic certification:

  1. In the menu click school Courses.
  2. Find the course and click edit icon edit in the row.
  3. Make sure the course is being selected.
  4. In the toolbar click tune Properties.
  5. Click Certification tab.
  6. Change Certification mode to Automatic.
  7. You can change the owner of the issued certificates using Owner input – by default, the owner is you.
  8. You can change template used to generate certificates using Template input.
  9. In the toolbar click save Save and close.

Changing properties of issued certificates using template

Automatically issued certificates are generated from the certificate template.

By editing the template you can:

  • Set certificate validity to specific number of months.
  • Change certificate design and content.

Learn how to manage certificate templates.