Edjet LMS Server 6.4

About certificates of completion

Certificate of course completion is a document issued to the student of the course, which proves the successful completion of the course.

How are the certificates issued

The certificate can be issued in two ways:

  • manually – anytime (default method),
  • automatically – when learner complete the course.

Certificate validity

Issued certificate is valid either:

  • until a specific date – after this date the certificate is invalid,
  • or, if the ending date is not set, the certificate is valid for “unlimited” period of time.

Supported certification modes

Edjet LMS let you setup following certification use-cases:

  • One-time certification – for an indefinite period
  • One-time certification – for a fixed period
  • Repeated certification

Checking certificate validity expiration

You can check for expiring certificates on your Dashboard, or using the Certificates report.