Version 6.6.19 (51665)

Release date: 2023-02-21

ELMS-378 Enable export to CSV in all components with data grids
ELMS-379 Refactor page Export users to CSV
ELMS-382 Enhance CSV import to treat invalid and multi-line rows better
ELMS-387 Tweak import certificates from CSV
ELMS-389 Add column User:UID
ELMS-390 Change naming of columns in Users and Certificates entity
ELMS-391 Add delimiter option to all pages Import/Export from/to CSV
ELMS-392 Order of columns in export CSV match order in data view
ELMS-398 Localize new UI
ELMS-393 Notifications about certificate expiration are sent to users having valid certification
ELMS-394 Users "date\_added" field not formatted on export to CSV
ELMS-395 Users "tel1" and "tel2"columns in grid both use same localization string "Phone"
ELMS-396 Import in update mode don't update "Last modification date"

Version 6.6.15 (51535)

Release date: 2023-01-26

ELMS-363 Report course - the number of certified users value is calculated incorrectly
ELMS-369 Variables related to course in invitation message do not work for automatic reset course notification
ELMS-384 Missing Save tool in Reminder setting for automatic reset course
ELMS-343 Deprecate some admin window popups
ELMS-345 Add filter operators "contains" and "does not contain"
ELMS-365 New report - Certification status
ELMS-366 Modify course report - accept multiple course IDs from grid
ELMS-368 Report course - enhance column Certificate to full Certification status
ELMS-370 Add note text area to course admin form
ELMS-371 Add or remove user to/from one or more group/s from user manage form
ELMS-376 Import certificates from CSV
ELMS-380 Localize new UI
ELMS-381 Add link to report Certification status to Reports page
ELMS-387 Tweak import certificates from CSV
ELMS-280 WONT FIX Edit icon in Microgrid "Members" in Group manage form in admin do not respect permissions correctly

Version 6.6.11 (51309)

Release date: 2022-11-03

ELMS-347 Implement the automatic reset course option
ELMS-352 Split dictionaries to UI and variables
ELMS-356 New localization
ELMS-360 Manual reset option not checked in admin form in some situations

Version 6.6.9 (51210)

Release date: 2022-10-21

ELMS-336 Lost password - email not sent, recipient having status "skipped"
ELMS-331 Remove default users Instructor, Learner, Webmaster from new instance template
ELMS-324 Non localized usage of role name now show loc key in user account dropdown in admin
ELMS-323 Monitoring return incorrect json data
ELMS-312 No import summary status (rows) is shown, also no error messages
ELMS-333 Remove support for sections in dictionary
ELMS-332 Change tool Print version to View report in Users component
ELMS-330 Change in storing of the addresses of the administrators
ELMS-327 Remake import popup windows to page design (same as uploads)
ELMS-325 Add information about plan or license so administrators can see them
ELMS-322 Change default component permissions (DCP) of the component Users
ELMS-321 Translation - switch to MT flow (EN, CZ, SK loc.)
ELMS-320 Translation EN update and cleanup
ELMS-313 Reset e-mailing limits
ELMS-254 Merge Learners and Administrators into Users component
ELMS-253 Update menu - Users

Version 6.6.2 (50808)

Release date: 2022-08-11

ELMS-309 CSV import options are rendering in course import
ELMS-308 Allow learners CSV import to update existing items
ELMS-307 Import learners from CSV into multiple groups

Version 6.5.22 (50639)

Release date: 2022-06-19

ELMS-297 PROD Cannot create new course
ELMS-295 Owner of the reminder is certified user, not certificate owner
ELMS-293 STG Messages not sent from LMS (not picked by CRON)
ELMS-290 Toolbar disappear when validation fails in the popup dialog
ELMS-287 Admin settings menu still lists a localization strings component
ELMS-279 Users logged out frequently in the cloud
ELMS-275 Lost password email and New password email are send in language according to site default language, not user preferences
ELMS-271 Signup message not send as recipient address "test@cover.cz" always added to sign up email address
ELMS-269 WONT FIX Email notifications on certificate expirations not generated correctly
ELMS-268 Remaining dot in test player when points are disabled in test settings
ELMS-244 Microgrid show weird rows when managing recipients in admin Message form
ELMS-192 As admin certificate template preview not rendered while going to edit template with check box
ELMS-184 Filter "Starts with" cannot be combined with other filters on admin Learners page
ELMS-165 Cannot create presentation lesson having .PPSX (.ppsx) format/extension
ELMS-164 Lesson copy dialog is displayed instead Course copy dialog
ELMS-140 As Admin I cannot preview other owner's certificate template even if permission is set
ELMS-64 Certification tool show incorrect data and links certificates incorrectly
ELMS-288 User name with apostrophe character causes fatal errors
ELMS-286 Add Certificates into main admin menu
ELMS-284 Switch all external dependencies to locally hosted II.
ELMS-282 Extend/enhance CSV students import
ELMS-281 UI to view and manage (delete) all scheduled reminders
ELMS-255 Add Assignments to the admin menu
ELMS-241 Add UID to Courses
ELMS-240 Merge bugfix and changes from Server 6.4 mainline 2
ELMS-221 PERFORMANCE Merge new performace optimizations from on-prem
ELMS-191 Add UID column to Certificates grid
ELMS-181 In site open certificate in new browser tab
ELMS-172 Update links to Edjet sites

Version 6.5.17

Release date: 2022-05-23

ELMS-276 Global cloud Google Analytics code missing + upgrade to G4

Version 6.5.14

Release date: 2022-05-12

ELMS-277 All cloud instances use default license key
ELMS-272 Long running "tasks" timing out - 504 gateway time-out (nginx)

Version 6.5.12

Release date: 2022-05-08

ELMS-273 Some images in course content are incorrectly linked
ELMS-270 Upload files failing due to mixed content error in Uppy TUS server uploader endpoint
ELMS-267 Lost password (and some other) email content not localized
ELMS-266 Broken layout on Lost password page due to missing order by when loading WP instances into WP zones
ELMS-262 Theme customizations not migrated
ELMS-261 Email not send to SES white-listed addresses
ELMS-259 Messages processing not picked by CRON (email not send)
ELMS-247 Course progress bar not rendered in site
ELMS-243 Files from media library not loading causing multiple issues
ELMS-231 Cannot upload files
ELMS-264 Return error 400 if non-existing ELMS installation is requested (default apache site if none match)
ELMS-258 DB update from merges from v3 to v4
ELMS-248 Implement the new admin CSS pure progress bar to a site
ELMS-246 Update link “Edjet Enterprise Account” in menu
ELMS-245 Remove localization manage UI (component Localization strings)
ELMS-234 Update Server Installer to make HTTPS option default
ELMS-212 Remove local mailserver EXIM4 sw dependency
ELMS-188 Cloud instances with custom domain are HTTPS enabled using SSL cert
ELMS-187 New Cloud instance (default domain) is HTTPS enabled using SSL cert
ELMS-180 Move settings from config file to DB
ELMS-179 Set system setting "max upload size" to 2000 MB (default) to all instances
ELMS-178 Add all (missing) settings from DB into UI into the Settings - System form
ELMS-177 Switch all external dependencies to locally hosted I.
ELMS-171 Delete unused libraries from codebase
ELMS-170 Update project structure
ELMS-168 Update app to be able to run in infra v4
ELMS-167 Rename SVN repository edjet_lms_web --> edjet_lms
ELMS-161 Switch all cloud instances to a responsive theme
ELMS-159 Switch all cloud instances to HTTPS
ELMS-158 Chef recipes migrate to infra v4
ELMS-157 Remove custom_themes from codebase
ELMS-156 Remove old theme from codebase and UI
ELMS-155 Remove cloud "core" c_6 from codebase

Version 6.4.23 - Server

Release date: 2022-01-20

ELMS-236 Mixed Content (HTTP loaded over HTTPS) broke AJAX to generate User name
ELMS-231 Cannot upload files
ELMS-234 Update Server Installer to make HTTPS option default
ELMS-233 Create server package from rev 391 (6.4.18)

Version 6.4.20

Release date: 2021-12-13

ELMS-229 Default localization in Learner and Admin forms doesn't reflect default localization settings
ELMS-230 Localize new UI
ELMS-226 Add new certificate variables to render the user address
ELMS-225 Update UI forms
ELMS-224 Update data grid (data table, views, component columns)
ELMS-223 Add new address columns into table users

Version 6.4.18

Release date: 2021-11-21

ELMS-215 CLOUD PROD Cannot connect to the database
ELMS-219 PERFORMANCE Switch default Admin Students view to optimized one
ELMS-218 PERFORMANCE Optimize query site tests on page Tests
ELMS-217 PERFORMANCE Add dimmer to onclick menu items in Site

Version 6.4.16

Release date: 2021-10-21

ELMS-210 Email messages are delivered to deactivated account email addresses
ELMS-209 Deactivated accounts are added into course invitation message recipients
ELMS-204 Sign up email messages not created
ELMS-203 Incorrect CZ translation Název společnosti to match help
ELMS-207 PERFORMANCE Improve course player speed (patch from 6.3)
ELMS-205 Update default view in Certificates + add link to dashboard

Version 6.4.14

Release date: 2021-09-24

ELMS-200 Message template End of the course is missing recipient_username
ELMS-199 Update emailing template "invite to course", SQL update by UID
ELMS-201 Enhance texts in message templates (Invite, Beginning, End)
ELMS-198 Add missing localization in Portal Customization form
ELMS-197 Add new site/system properties to be used as variables in certificate templates
ELMS-196 Add user properties to be used as variables in messages and message templates
ELMS-195 Enable course export/import tools by default (no cookies needed)

Version 6.4.10

Release date: 2021-03-17

ELMS-154 Localization
ELMS-153 Assignment copy tool
ELMS-152 Forum copy tool
ELMS-151 Certificate template copy tool
ELMS-150 Question copy tool
ELMS-149 Test copy tool
ELMS-148 Lesson copy tool
ELMS-147 Course copy tool
ELMS-146 Refactor code to work well with multiple copy tools
ELMS-135 Add support for copying ML items in Copy mode
ELMS-134 Add copy action (mode)
ELMS-133 Cleanup Gallery pattern
ELMS-132 Change Gallery pattern (multiple images) by single image pattern (image_media_library_item) -- multiple places
ELMS-86 Replace small system SQL tables by ENUM
ELMS-85 Cleanup unused courses, tests, questions DB columns
ELMS-139 White death on course copy when lesson name is number
ELMS-138 White death on course copy
ELMS-137 Next button not working if lesson Rich text has 2 or more tests attached (@PROD)
ELMS-136 Course import - cannot save certificate template after import
ELMS-125 Email input "Reply-to email address" has no validation
ELMS-123 Certificates in site are ordered older on top in Site
ELMS-122 Incorrect language sting "name" in My profile

Version 6.4.5

Release date: 2021-02-03

ELMS-131 Cannot sort questions by column "Date created" in grid Questions
ELMS-129 Course Export is escaping diacritic characters
ELMS-128 Import course fails - Fatal error: Caught exception: Record to table: courses failed.
ELMS-96 Incorrect export when no certificate template is set at the course properties
ELMS-95 A method used for UID generation use small and large caps (A-Z, a-z) while system spec only use small caps (a-z)
ELMS-94 Answer - Points "answers.score_correct" and "answers.score_incorrect" are exported as whole numbers, even when entered decimals
ELMS-93 Lesson object in JSON export has property "prerequisites", which belong to course object
ELMS-92 PHP Fatal Error when Certificate template - Content (WYSIWYG) - is empty
ELMS-91 Course - Instructors - current user not set on import
ELMS-68 Connect course export/import functionality to the UI
ELMS-66 Develop scripts for course export and import according to specs

Version 6.4.2

Release date: 2021-01-26

ELMS-118 New dynamic variables to be used on Certificate
ELMS-117 Add global Reply-to email address into app settings
ELMS-115 Logout during upload - security check
ELMS-113 Raise upload limit to 2000 MB (2 GB)
ELMS-114 If uploading multiple files, and one of them is already uploaded, the upload should continue as usual
ELMS-76 Lesson type SCORM -- multiple issues

Version 6.3.8

Release date: 2020-11-27

ELMS-110 Increase size of the popup window when opening Media Library in "external" mode to 730px
ELMS-109 Tweak design uploader page - Allowed file types - both variants
ELMS-104 Show Allowed file types as a list of extensions on the upload page
ELMS-103 Hide "Powered by Uppy" link
ELMS-72 Uppy implementation
ELMS-105 Broken redirect (URL param) when switching CSV file import method
ELMS-102 The maximum size of uploaded file is: 200 MB, should be 1000 MB
ELMS-77 WONT FIX OUT OF SCOPE Lesson type YouTube doesn't support a new (probably) format of the link using "&ab_channel="
ELMS-60 Flash uploader cannot be used on Linux Chrome

Version 6.3.7

Release date: 2020-11-27

ELMS-9 DEV Setup Xdebug at development environment
ELMS-30 Add support for paging when fetching users from AD server
ELMS-41 Cleanup unreliable code to sync user data on Sign in
ELMS-48 Add option "is_downloadable" to database and code
ELMS-49 Add "Downloadable" option (checkbox) to Admin UI - Lesson page
ELMS-50 Update Site Course player according to downloadable option I.
ELMS-56 DEV Disable Xdebug browser stacktrace by default
ELMS-62 Add "Downloadable" language strings
ELMS-22 Unenrolled learner see incorrect course status on course page
ELMS-23 Incorrect Email address validation
ELMS-24 Translation issues in Slovak localisation
ELMS-25 User is not redirected to Site Homepage after successful Sign Up
ELMS-26 Automatic issuing of the certificate fails when owner of generated certificates was deleted
ELMS-43 Access denied on page Customization @DEV env
ELMS-46 Various PHP warnings, notices and errors -- multiple issues
ELMS-53 CUST. REPORT Cannot add image lesson if the image extension is uppercase (GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG)
ELMS-54 Upload dialog is broken in DEV env
ELMS-55 DEV Docker build fails to create an image after Docker cleanup
ELMS-58 DEV Uploaded files not found on disk
ELMS-59 DEV Files larger than 10MB are not uploaded
ELMS-65 CUST Course downloads are opened in the same tab as course
ELMS-79 Cannot create a new course

Version 6.3.5

Release date: 2020-09-25

ELMS-38 Enhance print output of the test

Version 6.3.4 - Server

Release date: 2020-08-26

ELMS-82 Create and release server package

Version 6.3.3

Release date: 2020-08-26

ELMS-7 Insert new PL localization and import keys
ELMS-13 Add PL flag at Admin login page
ELMS-6 As an user I can switch application into Polish language
ELMS-15 TinyMCE WYSIWYG not initiated if polish language is active

Version 6.2.0

Release date: 2020-08-08

LEA-1421 Docker development environment based on Linux / Linux VM method

Version 6.1.9

Release date: 2020-06-05

LEA-779 TBD -- Page template cannot be created -- warning message "Cannot save a record..."
LEA-1403 HOTFIX - Cannot create site language with empty link, when there is no other lang with empty link

Version 6.1.8 Server

Release date: 2020-05-28

LEA-1395 Language strings not loaded in Admin module (login page) when default lang is not set in cookie

Version 6.1.7

Release date: 2020-05-20

LEA-1401 HOTFIX - Max chars question - import not matching UI

Version 6.1.6

Release date: 2020-04-25

LEA-782 Remove deprecated roles Customer, Employee, Webmaster
LEA-1046 Remove all deprecated Status types from System form
LEA-1049 Remove Limit type "invoice"
LEA-1050 Cleanup all hidden and deprecated properties from database (DB)
LEA-1076 Cleanup unused code -- next round
LEA-1111 Update the Server Installer UI to match new branding
LEA-1116 Cleanup and refactor Website/System/Customization/Settings properties
LEA-1290 CUSTOMER REQ -- Add support for fullscreen Vimeo and YouTube videos (embedded)
LEA-1292 Remove Website object and component and all related code and UI
LEA-1294 Add Languages component to User portal menu
LEA-1299 Upate codebase to PHP 7.2
LEA-1301 Check codebase with PHP STAN
LEA-1302 Remove PowerPoint (PPT) import support
LEA-1321 Update existing lesson types to a new ones
LEA-1322 Design UI -- New lesson dialog
LEA-1337 Localize new UI (lesson types)
LEA-1341 Update System form
LEA-1342 Remove system settings properties access_admin and access_student
LEA-1343 Add lesson type icon to course outline (ext js tree)
LEA-1350 Cannot sign up -- ERROR 500
LEA-1351 Media library in external mode show warning message "This action is not allowed" across system
LEA-1356 Merge changes from V6 branch
LEA-1363 Move app version from Admin title to sidebar
LEA-1364 Upgrade PHP mailer library to version 6.1.4
LEA-1371 Update admin lesson page (form) to new content types
LEA-1372 Make dimensions of the New lesson dialog unique -- now affects also other dialogs
LEA-1373 Update site lesson page (course player) to new content types
LEA-1377 Connect New lesson dialog to a big "New lesson button"
LEA-1389 Check php version in installer to be greater than 7.2 not 5.x
LEA-1392 Merge changes from V6 branch
LEA-286 WON'T FIX -- Video embedded from YouTube using WYSIWYG (TinyMCE 3) cannot be switched to fullscreen -- message "Fullscreen is unavailable"
LEA-1303 Course outline active node rendering is broken when lesson name is longer than approx 25 chars
LEA-1306 Reports using IO module not rendering -- show error 500
LEA-1307 Charts not rendering image -- error 500
LEA-1309 Click on a admin logo redirect to 404 page (admin login page not rendering)
LEA-1310 Course page not rendering -- white death
LEA-1311 Forum page not rendering -- white death
LEA-1312 Certificate page not rendering -- white death
LEA-1313 Course Reset dialog page not rendering -- white death
LEA-1314 Course Certification dialog page not rendering for some courses -- white death
LEA-1326 WON'T FIX -- WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE not formatting rich text content on paste form VM host (outside of VM)
LEA-1345 CANNOTREPRO -- Unable to log in with a new password after password reset
LEA-1359 Current media library folder not remembered
LEA-1362 WON'T FIX, OUT OF SCOPE -- Cannot connect to Gmail SMTP account
LEA-1374 WON'T FIX -- Upload dialog and Image editor completely broken
LEA-1379 Course outline show old yellow icon in add state in level higher than one
LEA-1380 INFRA -- Cannot add SCORM lesson -- Error: ZIP archiver not found. SCORM could not be initialized
LEA-1320 As an Instructor I can add lesson with Mixed content into my course
LEA-1327 As an Instructor I can add lesson with Video hosted in LMS into my course
LEA-1328 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Presentation into my course
LEA-1329 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Document into my course
LEA-1330 As an Instructor I can add lesson type SCORM into my course
LEA-1331 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Image into my course
LEA-1332 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Audio into my course
LEA-1333 As an Instructor I can add lesson type YouTube video into my course
LEA-1334 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Vimeo video into my course
LEA-1335 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Test into my course
LEA-1336 As an Instructor I can add lesson type Custom code into my course

Version 6.0.26

Release date: 2020-03-13

LEA-1384 Cannot select all rows using bulk check box in Reset and Certification dialog

Version 6.0.25

Release date: 2020-02-21

LEA-1325 Remove message sending restrictions if AWS SES is in use (messages are blocked)

Version 6.0.24

Release date: 2020-02-20

LEA-1324 Cron doesn't change message status to ERROR in some situations

Version 6.0.23

Release date: 2020-02-19

LEA-1323 Add TLS option to Mail server connector tab to SMTP secure dropdown in system form

Version 6.0.21

Release date: 2020-01-08

LEA-1287 Change format of default UID value to do not use or rely on item ID
LEA-1278 Cannot update any form item via Admin UI
LEA-1279 Missing language string for error message when site form submit fails
LEA-1281 Cannot create Select form element in newly created form
LEA-1286 UID values not generated properly in some cases (form elements)

Version 6.0.19

Release date: 2019-12-18

LEA-102 Implement Google Analytics tracking code to monitor all cloud instances to the app

Version 6.0.18

Release date: 2019-12-18

LEA-1232 Update Roles form and Components form -- Remove "DPSC" link and update copy
LEA-1011 Actions - multiple issues
LEA-1238 I can view any certificate by changing ID in URL in site -- incorrect permissions check
LEA-1239 Site search result show results I am not permitted to see
LEA-1240 Lesson can be rendered via course ID and rendered as course
LEA-1241 Adding an empty group into filter cause error execution the query
LEA-1242 Incorrect toolbar configuration on page Chart: Add
LEA-1243 Broken dropdown Horizontal axis on page Chart
LEA-1244 WONT'T FIX -- Cannot upload files over 5 MB to Media Library if flash uploader is disabled
LEA-1245 Cannot create new page if some page is selected
LEA-1247 I can view any form in administration -- incorrect permissions check
LEA-1248 Site 404 page return status code 200
LEA-1252 When deactivate 1st lesson of course I cannot go through the course, message Lesson not found
LEA-1253 As Admin I cannot set Number of used questions in Test properties
LEA-1255 FALSE - WON'T FIX -- Missing page layout if requesting incorrect certificate in site
LEA-1256 As newly created learner I cannot view certficate from passed course
LEA-1259 New page is created as a sub-page
LEA-1249 As an Instructor I can filter issued certificates by group of an certified user

Version 6.0.15

Release date: 2019-12-17

LEA-1074 Cleanup actions
LEA-1231 Remove form complexity from UI, code and DB
LEA-1236 Protect user Superadmin (ID=1) from accidental deletion or update

Version 6.0.14

Release date: 2019-12-12

LEA-1234 New c6 instance is not created properly when installed from NBS

Version 6.0.12 Cloud

Release date: 2019-12-11

LEA-1227 Add CODE of the certified user into Certificates grid to default view + enable CSV export in Certificates
LEA-1224 Incorrect format of Learner and Administrator user names generated using Generate username feature
LEA-1225 New / Reset password option is disabled when adding Learner or Student

Version 6.0.11 Cloud

Release date: 2019-12-06

LEA-1222 Update Learner and Administrator form to auto-generate User name when Last name is entered

Version 6.0.9 Cloud

Release date: 2019-12-05

LEA-1218 Add support for WP HMTL Code to OLD theme
LEA-1212 As Admin I cannot remove Recipients from Message
LEA-1217 Some admin login URL format cause error 500 on redirect

Version 6.0.8 Cloud

Release date: 2019-12-04

LEA-1209 Form inputs using display none -- multiple issues
LEA-1208 Update Learner and Administrator manage form to support simple and full personal name formats
LEA-589 Cleanup unused/obsolete keys from dictionary
LEA-637 Add new localization strings
LEA-644 Rename roles Student and Trainer
LEA-657 Add missing localization strings
LEA-785 Extend item-level permissions of the role Trainer
LEA-1005 Update and simplify permission levels
LEA-1096 Add or enhance UI texting for most visible cases II.
LEA-1203 Update product/brand names Learnis and Netventic in localization strings
LEA-1177 Refactor loc. strings and and fix errors
LEA-1199 Site Course categories dropdown missing style
LEA-1200 Site Language switch dropdown missing style
LEA-1201 Some options in dropdowns still using dashes
LEA-1207 As Admin I cannot remove Recipients from Message
LEA-881 Drop Standard column and Advanced column property from DB and UI
LEA-1031 Remove Sign Up option ("registered") form both Learner and Administrator forms
LEA-1042 Remove input "Student - Role" - "role_id" from Learner manage form
LEA-1191 Bulk checkbox in Columns dialog do not select any rows
LEA-1195 Remove Execute permission level from UI
LEA-1192 Component columns -- multiple issues
LEA-1193 Question "score_no_ans" value not updating on save
LEA-585 Překlad Příručka Trenéra CZ
LEA-1178 Replace localization strings used in WP properties
LEA-1180 Refactor getPageName to support component names in general
LEA-1181 Disable deprecated columns and update names to match to loc. strings
LEA-1183 Delete all title unnecessary attributes using language strings
LEA-1186 Visually enhance filter bar and filter conditions
LEA-1169 Check Chrome warning related to cookies and all instances
LEA-1171 Component Page templates - permissions not implemented
LEA-1176 Page number input in paging do not work
LEA-1185 Filter condition operator always show colon
LEA-1188 OLD THEME - Page tests broken
LEA-1189 Remove loc. strings from unused templates of the OLD theme
LEA-1150 If user have already issued certificate of course completion, the certificate is updated on next course completion
LEA-1164 Course completion is (somehow) triggered twice or multiple times for already completed course
LEA-1165 Cerificate and certificate template page show date_created instead of certificate valid_from and valid_to
LEA-778 Remove all in app help links but two in menu or link them to the Help center
LEA-1126 Update Help center links to cover.cz Support page
LEA-1147 Optimize Tablet view - collapsed left menu show icons + other issues
LEA-1166 Code a final live dashboard
LEA-1106 Incorrect EN translate Watch time on Dashboard
LEA-1110 Incorrect toolbar configuration in component Page templates
LEA-1172 Loc. string "My tests" deleted by mistake
LEA-1173 Remove empty loc. strings
LEA-1174 Remove camel Case from EN strings
LEA-1075 As an Instructor I can view all-in-glance data visualization when I visit the Dashboard page
LEA-1133 Upate User portal (site) font to Roboto
LEA-1144 Modify Certificates default system view and swap Date created by Valid from date
LEA-788 Changes in language dictionary (SQL) are not propagated to app UI
LEA-1134 Missing summary row in Questions stack in test form
LEA-1143 Issued certificated has empty Valid from date until the certificate template has validity set
LEA-1155 Missing custom site logo, page background and graphics inserted in the wysiwyg on the login page on pozarnisluzby.netventic.net
LEA-1156 Broken custom learning portal vstecb.netventic.net (www.enterprisingbehavior.eu)
LEA-1159 Missing news listed on homepage - sousvitavy3.netventic.net
LEA-19 Update app branding (logo, favicon, app name) to Edjet
LEA-69 Cleanup unused code and assets
LEA-120 Update used and cleanup unused assets in Repository (Media Library)
LEA-132 Visual facelift of the Admin
LEA-133 Redesign & rewrite menu
LEA-584 Redesign & rewrite admin Account identity dropdown
LEA-586 DUPLICATE -- Forum - chyba ve stránkování
LEA-605 As Trainer I need more characters in Test description while filling content.
LEA-608 Refactor sidebar, content tpl and add global CSS box-sizing
LEA-609 Redesign & rewrite toolbar - add icon support
LEA-611 Material design icons (MDI) support
LEA-613 Remove role options Navigation and Essential tools as deprecated
LEA-614 Update toolbar configuration
LEA-616 Add or enhance UI texting for most visible cases
LEA-617 Redesign & rewrite controls (buttons & icons)
LEA-618 Page title placement in header
LEA-619 Redesign & rewrite loader/s
LEA-620 Add minimal width to toolbar button
LEA-621 Remake manually coded generate controls at Student and Admin page to use controls
LEA-622 Remake toggle password inputs at Student and Admin page
LEA-626 Facelift EXT.JS tree
LEA-627 Make dimmer fully transparent
LEA-628 Cleanup unused sprites prom PSD
LEA-629 Redesign & rewrite Messages
LEA-632 Data table (grid) facelift
LEA-634 Make page title/heading of the popups static, not "current component"
LEA-636 CANCELLED -- Dashboard essential tools gadget items rendering based on user role
LEA-638 Questions stack in test is missing a row-level remove control
LEA-640 Redesign files (mimetypes) icons in Media library
LEA-641 Disable all old whXX sprites styles -- controls, handcoded, CSS styles
LEA-642 Rewrite Forum data grid
LEA-648 Re-make component Forum to standard design and redesign UI
LEA-649 Redesign and rewrite login page
LEA-650 Enhance and update default system views (data grids)
LEA-652 Review and rewrite forms - design and overview
LEA-655 Redesign & rewrite admin menu
LEA-656 Enhance Articles data grid
LEA-658 Redesign & rewrite Dialog
LEA-659 Update menu icon color to match active menu item color
LEA-662 Progress bar facelift
LEA-667 Remove letter bar from Test results page (it doesn't work anyway)
LEA-676 Cleanup deprecated components from DB Components and license key
LEA-678 Cleanup unused BE code and assets
LEA-682 Cleanup DB tables, views and other objects
LEA-690 Remove tab Appearance in language form -- it doesn't server any purpose
LEA-692 Remove unused field Directory from the Website form
LEA-699 Cleanup DB tables, views and other objects II.
LEA-713 Unify behavior of tree operations of website pages (Structure) and course lessons (Courses)
LEA-715 CANCELLED -- Make the dashboard widget Grid deprecated
LEA-717 Design a new dashboard
LEA-720 Remove deprecated Webparts
LEA-726 Move tabs Appearance, Metadata and Advanced on page Page to the Properties dialog
LEA-728 Cleanup unused and deprecated page controls
LEA-751 Create a page to test rendering of admin UI components
LEA-754 Redesign & rewrite About dialog
LEA-755 Facelift horizontal and vertical panels (namely handlers) and chart wrappers
LEA-757 Cleanup unused code and assets II.
LEA-758 Enhance logic of the message "This is the last lesson" to do not show if the course has only one lesson
LEA-762 Update site default logo and color scheme to match Edjet brand
LEA-763 Cleanup unused tools in /admin/service folder
LEA-769 Cleanup unused and deprecated components II.
LEA-770 Remove deprecated webparts II.
LEA-774 Reduce component-level permissions of the role Trainer
LEA-775 Add missing item types icons in New item dialogs
LEA-777 CANCELLED -- Make dashboard layout 3x1 (3 slots in 1 column) deprecated
LEA-787 Icon and copy of the toolbar tool for action "view"
LEA-789 Remove admin modules
LEA-791 Change all admin sub-components to regular components and remove code related to sub-components
LEA-794 Refactore layout height calculation js method
LEA-814 Update toolbar configuration - VIEW (standard mode)
LEA-815 Add chart dialog missing form layout class/es
LEA-818 Admin menu items rendering based on user role
LEA-819 Create/activate new page Reports to access all available reports
LEA-826 Cleanup user lock (item lock) + override lock options as DEPRECATED
LEA-835 Create new component Commnets
LEA-836 Enhance and update default system views (data grids) II.
LEA-837 Update component Forum
LEA-838 Update site Responsive theme (RSP)
LEA-839 Facelift formLayout headings (h5)
LEA-841 Refactor old micro-grids to 2nd gen grid code
LEA-842 Cleanup 1st gen component/grid related code
LEA-850 Enhance and update default system views (data grids) III.
LEA-862 Code a new dashboard - prototype
LEA-863 Update in app links Support and Help to link to TW Help Doc site Homepage
LEA-867 Include full Bootstrap 4 framework CSS in latest version
LEA-870 Add new body styles to IO module to achieve consistent look and feel with admin module
LEA-872 Add better support for keyboard operation using :focus
LEA-873 Review and rewrite forms - Student form
LEA-874 Review and rewrite forms - Login form
LEA-875 Review and rewrite forms - Chart form
LEA-876 Add support for generate input value button
LEA-877 REVERTED -- Remove "topAction" code from grid templates
LEA-878 Refactor form title
LEA-882 Review and rewrite forms - Course form
LEA-884 Add support for load ID button and rewrite switch class
LEA-885 Review and rewrite Controls
LEA-888 Review page titles to show better browsing history
LEA-893 Review and rewrite forms - Test form
LEA-896 Review and rewrite forms - Question form
LEA-897 Restrict max-width of form content
LEA-902 Review technical design (code and database) according to current requirements
LEA-903 Rewrite, update and cleanup toolbar code and database
LEA-907 Review and rewrite forms - Assignment form
LEA-908 Review and rewrite forms - Certificate / Certificate template form
LEA-909 Review and rewrite forms - Group form
LEA-911 Review and rewrite forms - Forum form
LEA-912 Review and rewrite forms - Comment form
LEA-913 Review and rewrite forms - Message form (E-mailing and message template form)
LEA-914 Review and rewrite forms - Category form
LEA-915 Review and rewrite forms - Article form
LEA-916 Refactor micro-grid row remove and row count code
LEA-918 Review and rewrite forms - Administrator form
LEA-919 Review and rewrite forms - Customization form
LEA-921 Review and rewrite forms - Page form and Page template form
LEA-922 Review and rewrite forms - Master page form + Page layout form
LEA-924 Review and rewrite forms - Grading scale form
LEA-925 Review and rewrite forms - Role form
LEA-926 Cleanup form adjacent control elements and update to match HTML5
LEA-927 Review and rewrite forms - System form
LEA-928 Review and rewrite forms - Component form
LEA-929 Review and rewrite forms - Localization string
LEA-930 Review and rewrite forms - View form
LEA-931 Review and rewrite forms - Column form
LEA-932 Review and rewrite forms - Website form
LEA-933 Review and rewrite forms - Language form
LEA-935 Review and rewrite forms - Form form
LEA-937 Remake toolbar in all components from DB to new format
LEA-938 Review and rewrite forms - Course certification dialog
LEA-939 Review and rewrite forms - Course reset dialog
LEA-940 Review and rewrite forms - Export dialog
LEA-942 Review and rewrite forms - Import dialog
LEA-944 Update image not available (image n/a) to a new design
LEA-946 Review and rewrite forms - Filter dialog
LEA-951 Review and rewrite forms - Columns dialog
LEA-952 Review and rewrite forms - Appearance dialog
LEA-953 Review and rewrite forms - Save view dialog
LEA-955 Review and rewrite forms - Delete view dialog
LEA-956 Review and rewrite forms - Add folder dialog
LEA-957 Review and rewrite forms - Add questions by ID dialog
LEA-958 Review and rewrite forms - Add webparts dialog
LEA-959 Review and rewrite forms - Add recipients by email dialog
LEA-960 Review and rewrite forms - Add redirect dialog
LEA-961 Review and rewrite forms - Add related dialog
LEA-962 Review and rewrite forms - Move / Copy dialog
LEA-963 Review and rewrite forms - Search dialog
LEA-964 Review and rewrite forms - Permissions dialog
LEA-965 Review and rewrite forms - Test result form
LEA-967 Review and rewrite forms - Filter bar
LEA-968 Paging bar update II.
LEA-971 Implement new controls across UI
LEA-972 Tweak colors according to final brand manual and replace toolbar yellow
LEA-973 Cleanup form advanced controls - FORM_LAYOUT_ADVANCED
LEA-974 Review and rewrite forms - Reminder dialog
LEA-975 Cleanup unused microgird code (displayMicroGrid + related functions)
LEA-976 Cleanup current dashboard implementation completely (code and DB)
LEA-978 Review and rewrite forms - Add chart dialog
LEA-980 Update UI and naming: Dashboards -> Dashboard
LEA-981 Review and rewrite forms - Color scheme dialog -- REMOVE dialog and tool
LEA-983 Review and rewrite forms - Chart size dialog + Course import dialog – for PPT format
LEA-985 Create new component Users
LEA-986 Refactor Administrators component from "users"
LEA-987 Cleanup duplicated JS/hybrid code related to Forms and organize it better
LEA-989 Cleanup unused Designer code (edit mode)
LEA-991 Remove year "from" (2010) in copyright, cleanup footer/s
LEA-992 Remove "check_end_form" check
LEA-994 Rewrite printout templates (IO module) - BS, layout, form controls
LEA-999 Rewrite grid search field to use placeholder attribute instead of custom JS
LEA-1018 Rename Learnis LMS to Edjet LMS
LEA-1022 Add new logo Edjet LMS
LEA-1023 Add a few color accents to UI
LEA-1052 Update toolbar configuration - VIEW (external mode)
LEA-1056 Update toolbar configuration - ADD (standard mode)
LEA-1057 Review Save tools and remove obsolete (save and new, save and view)
LEA-1060 Update toolbar configuration - ADD (external mode)
LEA-1062 Update toolbar configuration - EDIT (standard mode)
LEA-1063 Update toolbar configuration - EDIT (external mode)
LEA-1069 Update toolbar configuration - Special cases
LEA-1070 Add new favicon Edjet LMS
LEA-1072 Remove logo Netventic from Classic site theme and add text link to edjet.com website
LEA-1077 Enhance method rendering language strings
LEA-1078 Tooling - Write script to list all localization stings used in the app
LEA-1079 Analyze translation standards, best practices and tools available
LEA-1088 Redesign menu II.
LEA-1090 Material Design (MD) icons update
LEA-1092 Remove "Add questions by ID" dialog from test page
LEA-1094 UX problem: Link User portal in Menu and Account menu behave in different ways
LEA-1100 Optimize font family loaded
LEA-1107 Update grid config - folders, letter-bar, summary etc
LEA-205 Locked forum has unclock icon graphics
LEA-224 CANNOT REPRODUCE - All forums disappearing from Administration grid
LEA-226 Test set to Manual evaluation with no questions throws SQL errors when started
LEA-283 WON'T FIX -- Fucking TinyMCE dialog Add/insert image showing scrollbars covering important controls in FF with Czech language
LEA-285 In some instances media library configuration file has allowed file extension wmw instead of wmv
LEA-303 Kurz nelze nastudovat na 100%
LEA-478 Incorrect Admin appearance in Win10/Chrome
LEA-492 Missing icon for component Columns
LEA-504 Fulltext search and button Paging on do not work in component Grading Scales, breaks the grid completely
LEA-505 Fulltext search and button Paging on do not work in component User Roles, breaks the grid completely
LEA-510 Fulltext search and Filter do not work in component Forum, loading messaging do not disappear
LEA-532 Fulltext search results on Search results page do not check permissions
LEA-553 Multiple issues caused by foreign keys with ON DELETE CASCADE
LEA-580 Dashboard widgets not loading views when creating
LEA-581 Remove deprecated Google widgets from dashboard
LEA-582 CANCELLED - SOLVED BY DESIGN -- Dashboard widget Grid re-render dashboard toolbar by a toolbar of the component used as data source for the grid when a page of grid is changed by paging
LEA-583 Filter conditions (like Contains..., Starts with) set without folder dialog are not loaded into filter dialog as conditions when editing the filter
LEA-606 As Trainer I cannot set answer 0 to question type Fill in the blank.
LEA-615 On page load, the layout is not calculated properly on some pages due to JS error
LEA-623 Page Roles and Forum not showing default system view (All items) in view dropdown
LEA-625 Fix loadItem vs unloadItem control/button appearance
LEA-630 Lookup window in filter condition "Owner" in Media Library show tabs Accounts and Employees
LEA-633 Sidebar is always collapsed after login
LEA-639 Play sound in test trigger a leave prompt, if the audio question has no file loaded
LEA-645 Permissions dialog locked -- Write action denied! in Message templates component
LEA-646 Content revisions filter Author lookup loads unwanted User roles
LEA-647 FIXED BY DESIGN -- Option Apply for whole system in Appearance dialog enable panels in ALL components, even where should be not supported
LEA-665 Lookup window in filter condition "Owner" in Courses show tab Accounts
LEA-666 Textarea content not using Roboto font
LEA-669 Master pages and Page layouts -- multiple issues
LEA-671 Reminder/s with empty message template is valid on save (no error), but actually not saved
LEA-672 CSS box-sizing: border-box break layout of tools in fucking TinyMCE
LEA-674 PHP errors in error.log
LEA-675 Toolbar is missing all tools to save and delete chart in Add chart dialog in component Students in Admin
LEA-679 Deprecating Filter classes causes FATAL error on Group and Message (Email) page -- Users list was using removed Filter class
LEA-681 JS update of count of items in micro-grid doesn't work on page E-mailing and Groups
LEA-685 JS error on Media library (external mode) -- Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'EditorManager' of null
LEA-687 JS error on Article page -- Uncaught TypeError: $(...).dynatree is not a function + Image drag&drop don't work
LEA-703 Filter don't work in questions page in external mode
LEA-704 Cannot sort by "certificate_user" in certificates grid
LEA-730 Admin role has incorrect permissions within CMS module -- multiple issues
LEA-732 Tinymce is not initialized in IE
LEA-743 Correct answers are missing in test result review
LEA-752 White death on test page
LEA-753 Required inputs on Views and Columns page are missing required graphics (class input required)
LEA-756 Cannot create new page in site -- SQL error while creating new page
LEA-764 Forum page do not display any forums, even when I am permitted
LEA-765 JS error on page Pages causing broken layout
LEA-768 Page preview tool open different page than editing
LEA-771 Layout is not calculated properly in external mode
LEA-773 Missing toolbar icons on chart detail window
LEA-776 Dialog Related pages is not loading pages tree
LEA-780 New form control dialog is rendered twice (partially) on the Form page
LEA-781 Cannot upload file in Media library
LEA-790 Fatal error on page Pages and Course
LEA-793 Active filter is not visually activated
LEA-795 After successful login to admin I am always redirected to page Message templates
LEA-796 Click on tabs in external window won't redirect user to a page
LEA-798 Filtering by Owner throw error 404
LEA-799 Incorrect coordinates while defining clickable area of the hotspot question type if the image container is scrolled
LEA-806 Cannot remove page redirect
LEA-808 Posting new course with empty course name cause all courses to be loaded into course tree
LEA-809 Creating forms and form fields -- multiple issues
LEA-810 Messages are nor rendering on Login page due to atypical layout (missing message collector code)
LEA-811 Update incorrect access level/s of the roles according to DOC
LEA-812 Lessons tree on Course page is empty when adding a new lesson
LEA-816 Cannot remove items (roles, groups, users) once added to the list in permission dialog
LEA-817 Cannot reorder or remove webparts in the zone
LEA-827 Cannot create new Master page -- Error "Unexpected error! ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "master_pages_pkey"..."
LEA-828 Cannot load any user/s as a recipient into a message and message templates -- multiple issues
LEA-829 Cannot create new Page templates
LEA-830 Search in Page templates does not find anything, even if the data exists
LEA-845 Inline message (Notice "No records found") not readable in Media Library
LEA-851 Invisible headline (white text on white bg) in WP Lost Password Form on page Lost password in Site in RSP theme
LEA-879 Invalid form data cause action change/redirect to "save" from "add" or "edit" actions/URLs
LEA-886 Missing Remove button in questions micro-grid on Test page
LEA-887 Loading recipients into email message from group with 0 (zero) users cause white death
LEA-889 Fix gallery card appearance
LEA-890 CANCELED -- Load items button "cLoadItemCaption" open external popup in current window too -- missing onclick return false
LEA-892 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dom' of null (ext-all.js:7)
LEA-894 Error Uncaught TypeError: $(...).decreaseRelated is not a function on page Test
LEA-895 Test cannot be created with default values - Unexpected error on save
LEA-898 JS prompt "Error writing output!" when switching question type
LEA-900 Upload button broken -- missing onclick value
LEA-905 Click on Play sound button on page Question breaks Sound manager JS
LEA-934 Cannot add language/s to Website, languages grid do not list items
LEA-936 Cannot add any type of form controls to the form
LEA-943 Chart images not loading - error 500 (Internal Server Error)
LEA-945 Import dialog - Console show 404 error/s
LEA-947 Cannot filter Students by Status
LEA-954 Cannot save a custom view - message "Action not found!"
LEA-966 Test result page show error in console - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined
LEA-977 Incorrect rendering of the Media Library grid
LEA-982 Edit button in microgrid Test results on Student page do not open link in new tab
LEA-984 Administrator forms is rendered without layout
LEA-995 Course form is missing Image tab
LEA-1013 FALSE -- Cannot switch to Administrators tab in external window (mode)
LEA-1015 FALSE -- Localization strings page not rendered - white death
LEA-1021 Instance owner name not showing in site footer
LEA-1026 Cannot create new course with default properies
LEA-1027 Course player nor rendered (white death) when adding lesson have a Assignment
LEA-1036 Site Forum page do not display any forum, forums list do not show newly created
LEA-1048 Update in System form redirect to empty page and show warning message
LEA-1053 Trainers micro-grid allow me to add one user twice
LEA-1061 New question dialog dimensions
LEA-1067 CANNOT REPRO -- Cannot update course under some conditions
LEA-1068 Content revisions in external mode has incorrect toolbar
LEA-1071 Cannot switch site theme - cannot update Customization form
LEA-1081 FALSE -- Method rendering language strings not correct
LEA-1083 Members micro-grid not rendering on Group page
LEA-1085 Article page (manage form) is rendered with no permissions
LEA-1097 Missing test result status localization keys
LEA-1098 Newly created (or resaved) test show incorrect difficulty on test info page
LEA-1099 Cannot rename folder - new folder is created on rename
LEA-1102 Import SCORM module into course using import dialog show irrelevant Size option
LEA-1108 Messages page show heading "E-mailing"
LEA-1117 As a Trainer I can delete folders in SCORM folder in Media Library
LEA-1118 Cannot switch theme to old one -- Unexpected error
LEA-1124 Logo Elearning is not shown after switch to OLD theme
LEA-1125 Test and test results show incorrect difficulty in OLD theme
LEA-1127 Page Test finish not rendering - white death
LEA-1128 Course set to Automatic certification mode crash on last page
LEA-1129 Course assignment cannot be updated (re-uploaded) by Learner
LEA-1131 Cannot sign up as Learner via site - Sign up form cannot be submitted -- show error 500
LEA-1132 FALSE -- Lost password request do not generate any record (email) in Messages
LEA-1135 Question type Image hotspot not evaluated correctly
LEA-1138 Filter button is not visually active when filter conditions are added
LEA-1139 Cannot publish standalone forum
LEA-708 As a Learner I want to see a message in the test player, if the test has no questions
LEA-709 As a Learner I want to see a message in the course player, if the course has no lessons
LEA-725 As an Instructor I want to view a page I am currently editing on the website (same as visitor) when I click button Preview in the toolbar
LEA-731 As and Admin I can use and customize default master page designed for the custom website
LEA-792 As an user getting 404 error page I can use links to navigate to the Learning site homepage or to the Dashboards page in Administration
LEA-833 As an Instructor I want manage all comments across all my courses from one page Comments


Version 5.5.3 Cloud

Release date: 2019-03-18

LEA-587 Add support for multiple SCORM modules and make them work well with standard lessons
LEA-735 Modify course player navigation to handle both next button and fullscreen icon if lessons has type SCORM
LEA-738 Make Next button in Course player bottom navigation disabled, when learner cannot visit next lesson for any reason
LEA-740 Course progress bar glitch -- value show NaN error instead of the integer as value on some SCORM lessons
LEA-734 As an Instructor I want to import one or more SCORM package/s as a new lesson/s when I click button Import in toolbar using import dialog from course page

Version 5.4.0 Cloud

Release date: 2019-02-11

LEA-691 Allow use UID as $ivalue in the Navigation webpart template in the RSP theme
LEA-697 Exclude language used for Learning site app from the WP siteLangSwitch
LEA-701 Create new RSP layout template for website
LEA-702 Code website menus and custom website related issues
LEA-693 When site language use non-empty link, then on Logout I am redirected to blank page with message "Sign In to Learnis using your username and password."
LEA-695 When site language use non-empty link, then, when some forms are not validated on submit, the app redirect to invalid URL, adding additional folder to the URL with each invalid submit
LEA-700 Button Sign In from custom website do not open Login page, but home page
LEA-670 As an Admin I can insert static code (HTML, JS, CSS) to a any page of the Learner site or custom website using Webpart "HTML code"
LEA-712 As an Anonymous user I can visit custom responsive and multi-language website (customization required)

Version 5.3.3 Cloud

Release date: 2019-01-09

LEA-567 Images inserted from PPT import are NOT responsive -- was done in LEA-533 (5.2.4 Cloud)
LEA-576 Test results report do not render if there are any test/s without test results

Version 5.3.1 Server

Release date: 2018-11-27

LEA-555 Create a server installation package
LEA-563 Do not check storage quota during upload when medialiblimit license key property is empty
LEA-558 Server package has unlimited license (do not require activation)
LEA-561 Upload of license key (lic.txt) using Admin UI do not work -- license key isn't uploaded
LEA-566 Upload / Import SCORM do not respect storage limit

Version 5.2.6 Cloud

Release date: 2018-11-09

LEA-551 Deleting the image that is used as the certificate template background will also delete the certificate template and all certificates where it is used

Version 5.2.5 Cloud

Release date: 2018-10-29

LEA-526 Re-make component Courses to standard design with filter, columns and fulltext search
LEA-529 Find and fix grid_columns data which is wrong configured as is_numeric
LEA-533 Adjust HTML code generated on PPT import to make images responsive
LEA-491 Component Tests - multiple issues
LEA-493 Component Views - multiple issues
LEA-500 Fulltext search do not work in component Assignment, breaks the grid completely
LEA-501 Fulltext search do not work in component Certificates, breaks the grid completely
LEA-502 Fulltext search do not work in component Certificate Templates
LEA-503 Fulltext search do not work in component Message Templates
LEA-506 Filter condition Max. number of attempts do not work in component Test Results, grid breaks completely, error message
LEA-507 Filter condition Questions per page do not work in component Test Results for empty value, grid breaks completely, error message
LEA-508 Filter condition show_user_ans do not work in component Test Results for empty value, grid breaks completely, error message
LEA-509 Filter condition show_corr_ans do not work in component Test Results for empty value, grid breaks completely, error message
LEA-511 Fulltext search and Filter do not work in component Assignments, loading messaging do not disappear
LEA-512 Filter condition Validity do not work in component Certificates for empty value, grid breaks completely error message
LEA-537 Add new course/lesson doesn't work
LEA-538 SAVE action doesn't work in course/lesson properties dialog

Version 5.1.3 Cloud

Release date: 2018-10-16

LEA-479 Develop new component Views
LEA-480 Add support to lazy load progress in Courses grid
LEA-481 Develop new component Columns
LEA-486 Support for DB custom views
LEA-487 Create new optimized SQL DB view for Student Manager
LEA-488 Design new optimized system grid view for Student Manager
LEA-499 Tweak default system views in components Views and Columns
LEA-515 Prepare an optimized system view for component Students to be enabled using active button in the toolbar
LEA-482 Dimmer with spinner stay on previous page when edit button is used in microgrid
LEA-490 Missing categories filter in courses view in administration
LEA-497 Customized Students optimized view using Save as doesn't appear under "My views"
LEA-517 Overwiting existing custom optimized view by system slow one doesn't work
LEA-518 Missing flag "optimized" in the view dropdown in dialog Save as and Delete view
LEA-520 Fatal error while loading users via permissions dialog via "Users" option
LEA-521 REGRESSION -- Incorrect Students view rendering
LEA-522 Deploy build 9965 via OpsWorks failed
LEA-524 Students grid - filtering by letters doesn't work
LEA-494 As an Admin (superadmin) I want to customize any existing view using View Manager
LEA-495 As an Admin (superadmin) I want to share a view with all Administrators
LEA-496 As an Admin (superadmin) I want to enable speed optimized system Students view to be used by all administrators
LEA-498 As an Admin (superadmin) I want to optimize the default system Courses view for speed
LEA-514 As an Admin (superadmin) I want to make system view a default view to all administrators

Version 5.0.7 Cloud

Release date: 2018-08-27

LEA-476 Deletion of the forum attached to the course delete the course

Version 5.0.6 Server

Release date: 2018-07-23

LEA-339 Flag ldap_auth must be set to true otherwise LDAP sync doesn't run (ldap auth should be independent to ldap sync)
LEA-339 Error during insert operation - table "user" column "lang" cannot be empty

Version 5.0.5 Cloud

Release date: 2018-06-14

LEA-311 Implement onelogin-saml-php library
LEA-314 Implement necessary UI/s for Administrator to setup and manage SSO and IDPs
LEA-320 Implement necessary UI/s for Login page -- namely SSO button into both themes
LEA-305 Pozvánka do kurzu nepřiřazuje správně Příjemce
LEA-308 Active Directory synchronization process (run by cron) adds some students to random groups
LEA-323 Error Page not found 404 after click on "Continue with Google" when auth_google, auth_facebook or auth_linkedin is enabled
LEA-325 Sound won't play in question type Audio in admin -- error "Sound manager load error!"
LEA-328 Feedback text doesn't appear on test finish page in Classic theme
LEA-329 Test attempt review page show points even when they are disabled in test settings
LEA-312 As an administrator I can configure SAML-based SSO to gives members access to Learnis through an ADFS identity provider (IDP)
LEA-316 As a Learner I cannot start test which belongs to any course from the "Tests" page -- test can be started only via course lesson
LEA-321 As an user I can log in using my SSO credentials using SAML-based SSO via ADFS identity provider (IDP)
LEA-327 As a Learner I want to see single question-level evaluation status in Classic theme on site
LEA-330 As a course owner I want to setup notifications about certificate expiration to be sent to certified user and other people i choose
LEA-331 As a Course owner I want to see user's code in course report
LEA-333 As an Admin I can add users to recipients list of the e-mailing message based on group
LEA-334 As an course owner I can re-invite all permitted learners (but enrolled) to course using button Invite to course in courses administration page
LEA-338 As a Course owner I want to use user's code dynamic value in certificate


Version 4.1.1 Cloud

Release date: 2018-02-28

LEA-306 Add support for course categories dropdown webpart to filter courses by category into Classic RWD theme
LEA-307 Filter categories keep current paging on category change in WP Course categories dropdown

Version 4.0.4 Cloud

Release date: 2017-04-10

LEA-5 Do e-mailové pozvánky do kurzu přidat podporu pro Datum platnosti kurzu OD
LEA-7 Changes for easier customizations
LEA-9 Modernize theme "E-learning" logo and make it cusomizable
LEA-12 Convert grid to be responsive and add necessary HTML5 code to enable media queries
LEA-14 Duplicate Default theme as a new theme and cleanup unused code and assets before initial commit
LEA-17 oAuth 2.0 support via Google, Facebook & Linkedin
LEA-18 Style oAuth buttons on Login page template in Default theme
LEA-26 Analyze all Learnis customizations
LEA-28 Modernized design, layout & typography
LEA-30 Design a Login Form with Identity providers (oAuth) Support
LEA-31 Add new language strings to Update SQL required by oAuth functionality
LEA-46 Naming of a themes
LEA-47 Test which webparts actually works with Default and Classic theme
LEA-48 Re-format CSS stylesheets to match at least basic quality standards
LEA-49 Refactoring of all theme webparts to be responsive + CSS written in BEM, HTML rewrite/cleanups
LEA-51 Remove checkJavascript method and calls & dialogsdisabled_js.tpl.php + forgotten bak files from all themes
LEA-54 Create new component "Customize" for customization UI form under the Setup module
LEA-55 Update Admin navigations for affected roles
LEA-56 Design and code the "Customization" form and add icon into navigation (sprites)
LEA-57 Replace former filetypes/itemtypes icons of the course attachments by vector icons
LEA-60 Remove Banner from default website installation and from design
LEA-61 Remove unsupported webparts/modules from theme
LEA-63 Make Certificate detail page responsive -- Canceled
LEA-71 Remove WP Poll from Classic theme
LEA-73 Design JSON to store dynamic theme options
LEA-76 Design the new responsive themes of the Training Site
LEA-78 Develop webpart User Identity and Sign In Button
LEA-79 Compatibility between Default theme and new themes (Classic, Smarty,...)
LEA-80 Modify templates and CSS stylesheets to use dynamic theme options
LEA-81 Load theme CSS with dynamic theme options into TinyMCE
LEA-82 Design navigation and update menus to be responsive
LEA-84 Re-design webpart Search Box
LEA-85 Pick a Google Web Font Alternatives to Arial
LEA-87 Refactore texts & sizing
LEA-88 Update webpart Courses List to be responsive and enhance its design
LEA-89 Update webpart Course Info to be responsive and enhance its design
LEA-90 Redesign head & refactore master page template
LEA-91 Add new / update existing language strings
LEA-92 Redesign Login page
LEA-97 Add support for using dynamic assets (image, video,...) from theme options within theme design
LEA-98 Add support for customizable image used within theme design
LEA-101 Add support for customizable image used within theme design into theme
LEA-103 Color scheme analaysis and design
LEA-104 Add new options into Customization form
LEA-105 Add support for new page layouts, specific for each page
LEA-106 Implement new design of Login page
LEA-109 Use icons within design
LEA-115 Redesign and recode Footer
LEA-116 Redesign & refactore Course Player
LEA-117 Redesign & refactore Test Player
LEA-118 Individually define messages to be sticky
LEA-119 Add support for localization of the string "Name" in theme options JSON
LEA-121 Refactore Paging
LEA-122 Refactore Forms
LEA-125 Redesign & refactore Test Attempt Review Page
LEA-126 Show success message on Test Finish Page when any test attempt is finished until user refresh the page
LEA-127 Refactore Test Finish Page
LEA-136 Hosted icon fonts (FA, Socicons) are SLOW
LEA-140 Notifications about stable releases
LEA-146 Test Question Audio more on real mobile device
LEA-149 Prevent course and test name to wrap to two or more lines in player on mobile view
LEA-150 Update 3rd party libraries to recent versions + host from CDN
LEA-155 Prepare m-v documentation for new, customer facing features of V4
LEA-159 Create Staging environment for testing on mobile devices without need to modify hosts
LEA-164 Set border radius 4px to buttons
LEA-167 Remove navigation (button) from test player when there is only one page (all questions are on one page)
LEA-168 Localize options ("Name" values) in theme options JSON
LEA-171 Remove "prefix", "suffix" and "pull" support from layout grid
LEA-172 Add responsive layout (new breakpoint) for tablet
LEA-173 Optimize Tests Attempts data table to better fit a tablet (and desktop) view + update Attempt Detail
LEA-176 Rewrite / update / cleanup layout / grid where possible
LEA-177 Rename styles.json to options.json
LEA-179 Incorrect UI in navigation popup when test is set to X question per page
LEA-188 Unify Previous button labeling under Data Table, Course Player and Test Player
LEA-189 Add custom font support into WYSIWYG editor
LEA-191 Remake wpPaging__button as a reusable element btnIconLabel
LEA-194 Course player in SCORM mode -- multiple design/functionality issues
LEA-195 Extend buttons to support icon only and label with icon variants
LEA-197 Add PHP library to parse DOM
LEA-198 Upgrade TinyMCE to latest 3.x including plugins
LEA-199 Add minimal width to the icon element based on its size so it preserves its space
LEA-202 Switch Test results item in menu in Standard for Tests
LEA-213 Optimize Tests data list on Tests page
LEA-215 Remake ad-hoc messages used within templates by system messages that use template
LEA-218 Optimize theme & Remove custom solution code from theme
LEA-219 Remove prompt asking if to continue from last visited lesson when returning the course
LEA-222 Add callout shape to Account Identity dropdown
LEA-225 Remove odd Page Layouts
LEA-229 Choose a final default secondary color for Classic theme + finalize Learnis "theme" brand
LEA-230 Switch from primary/accent pallete to primary/secondary pallete for Classic theme
LEA-232 Design and setup theme options
LEA-235 Multiple logo positioning / dimensions issues
LEA-237 Re-design page Tests, Test results and Test info page
LEA-240 Make data list rows clickable as a whole in all data tables
LEA-260 Add Style select into Basic Image dialog
LEA-266 Add switch into TinyMCE config based on current theme to switch features
LEA-268 Optimize and reconfigure WYSIWYG editor toolbar
LEA-000 Add support to Log In via selected 3rd party Identity Providers (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) using oAuth 2.0
LEA-000 Feature Add variable "Valid from" to be available to print into invitation emailing (Invitation to Course)
LEA-4 Do e-mailové pozvánky do kurzu se nevyplňuje Datum platnosti kurzu DO
LEA-6 Při zadávání další možnosti Otázky (pomocí tlačítka Přidat odpověď), bez uložení se vykreslí jiná varianta TinyMCE
LEA-32 Sign Up and Lost Password pages are inaccessible -- page not rendered
LEA-36 Divider "or" between oAuth options and Sign In form shows "OROR" text
LEA-37 oAuth buttons on login page throws error 404 after click
LEA-38 oAuth buttons do APPEAR on login page of the instance with CUSTOM theme
LEA-41 Error in SQL during upgrade in BID 4005
LEA-43 Text on the oAuth buttons is undelined when links are underlined in customized theme
LEA-62 Certificate detail does not render content
LEA-64 Downloads list do not render at all (webpart removed by defalt) -- revert removal
LEA-65 Sitemap do not render at all, with any theme, component set or not
LEA-66 Canceled -- Forum under article does not work
LEA-67 Link "View all" in article/news detail links to home page, not to articles list
LEA-68 Cancelled -- Poll webpart load always the same poll, not the latest one
LEA-70 Missing name of the logged user with link to My Account (template named login form button)
LEA-72 Items loading templates cross--theme in Admin and on Site render
LEA-75 Cannot expand dropdown "Styles" in TinyMCE in Administration (multiple components)
LEA-93 Multiple bugs of the forum thread statuses (images) Forum/Boards
LEA-95 Bread Crumb webpart do not translate language strings in page name
LEA-96 Some labels in responsive Data Table are too long and overflow into data cell
LEA-108 PHPed does not show CSS clased and ID as hints because of .css.php extension of stylesheets
LEA-110 Critical error on current instance in Website - Structure
LEA-111 Paths to images inside theme in 3rd party libs are broken
LEA-112 Certificate detail show old logo - not loaded from theme options
LEA-113 Missing Company name (c_name) in Customization UI
LEA-124 Flash plugin in SM2 causing "Plugins blocked" message on Test Attempt Review page on mobile simulator
LEA-128 Some buttons in mobile view are not 100% wide, as they should be
LEA-129 Multiple course player issues in SCORM mode
LEA-130 Optimize buttons on course info page, test player for a small screen and fix form submit button alignment
LEA-131 Cannot enter values into inputs in questions when test is set to other mode than 1 question per page
LEA-162 Responsive forms - labels are aligned to the right when VP is between 984px and 768px
LEA-163 Responsive form layout show horizontal page scrolling on mobile view
LEA-169 Page content is moved way down on Sign Up and Lost Password page on mobile view
LEA-174 Header on Sign Up & Lost password page on mobile view display buttons and other elements over the logo
LEA-182 Submiting exact answer in test player on real mobile (using "enter" on virtual keyboard) does really submit a form, refresh page and consequently reset any existing answers
LEA-185 Incorrect position of the grid element on login page in FF
LEA-186 Paging under data grids doesn't fit on screen under 360px
LEA-187 Some UTF symbols sinserted as "&#xxxxxx" doesn't render on Android
LEA-192 Paging middle section not centered horizontaly
LEA-193 Paging middle section not centered vertically in FF
LEA-196 Wrong appearance disabled button on page with form to post to forum
LEA-204 theme_css php generator throw 500 http error when empty head_html section in option.json
LEA-206 Change order of threads in Forum list to sort by latest activity (new on top)
LEA-208 Close icon in search box is positioned off it's bb
LEA-210 Icons and text in main menu on desktop view are not properly vertically aligned
LEA-211 Multiple issues with row appearance of tests data list when test is in progress
LEA-212 Test option Manual evaluation on doesn't apply -- test is evaluated automatically
LEA-214 Compact icon label is not hidden on mobile view
LEA-223 Missing Test attempt status icons in Admin->tests-results->edit
LEA-236 Fucking CSS from fucking TinyMCE is breaking our app CSS in Media Library popup
LEA-239 Test attemts hangs with status In progress forever and cannot be either restored or viewed
LEA-242 Certificate is generated when user has no progress on course
LEA-243 Message Content template not found! on My Profile page & Change Password in Classic theme
LEA-244 Existing instances with banner switched to Classic has banner not responsive
LEA-246 Missing default texts (from page content) on Login page
LEA-248 Incorrect rendering of message on Tests page if no tests are found
LEA-249 License not valid on new compoment Customization on newly created instance
LEA-250 Layout problem if banner is present on page forum in Classic theme if no items are in data list
LEA-251 Layout HTML is NOT valid (stray div)
LEA-252 Cannot enter the course with 0% progress
LEA-254 Print version of certificate has broken layout
LEA-256 Form on Change password page redirects to My Profile page after submit
LEA-257 Custom class/es to be loaded to WYSIWYG doesn't apply to element/s
LEA-258 Some instances not showing "Class" dropdown in TinyMCE Insert/Update image dialog
LEA-259 TinyMCE Styles select (Styles dropdown) assign custom classes to other element than selected in WYSIWYG
LEA-261 Fucking TinyMCE styles overrides site theme CSS in WYSIWYG for table
LEA-262 Fucking TinyMCE "wysiwyg" doesn't show responsive videos dimensions correctly (because it is NOT a WYSIWYG)
LEA-263 Fucking TinyMCE shows horizontal scrollbar without a reason while editing
LEA-267 Inserting code snippets for the layout tables from template in editor doesn't work
LEA-269 Non-breaking space doesn't work in TinyMCE editor
LEA-272 When time expire or user click Finish test and in consequent promt choose Stay instead of Leave, the app hangs out with dimmer and preloader
LEA-273 Text in TinyMCE is centered with default theme on demo.learnis.com
LEA-274 Media Library allowed extensions not matching reqs so videos cannot be uploaded
LEA-276 Cancel the answer trigger leave prompt and Stay option then blocks test player with dimmer and loading in Classic theme
LEA-279 Click FInish test trigger leave prompt with Leave/Stay options which is unwanted from UX pov
LEA-281 No styles loaded to TinyMCS on demo + acema when switched to Classic theme
LEA-282 Newly allowed extensions in Media Library not present on demo.learnis.com
LEA-284 After deploy (4929) into production for some instances media library new file extensions is missing in configuration
LEA-289 Admin not loading CSS from core skolenie.zse.sk after setting up an SSL cert for instance
LEA-290 Some links are pointing to default domain causing Unsafe connection warnings
LEA-291 Mixed content on several pages causing browser to show SSL warning
LEA-298 BUG při zadávání další možnosti v otázkách bez uložení se vykreslí jiná varianta TinyMCE
LEA-000 Bug fix Incorrect TinyMce configuration when loaded by ajax (Question form)
LEA-000 Bug fix Variable "Valid to" is not printed into invitation emailing (Invitation to Course)
LEA-8 As an Admin I can customize theme fonts
LEA-10 As an Admin I can change image background on Login page
LEA-29 As an Admin I can customize theme color scheme using colorpickers to match our CID via UI
LEA-107 As an user I can reset to default any changes done in custom theme options sections
LEA-114 As an user I can customize various texts and values shown on Training Site
LEA-144 As a Learner I want to answer Hot Spot question on a touch device
LEA-145 As a Learner I want to answer Matching question on a touch device
LEA-148 As an Learner I want to see status Unknown, Passed or Failed of the test(s) attached to the course lesson
LEA-152 As an Admin I can customize theme by adding custom CSS via UI
LEA-153 As an Author I can assign styles to elements in WYSIWYG by using a styles dropdown
LEA-154 As an Author I want to be able to create responsive content using WYSIWYG easily
LEA-175 As an Learner I want to access page Change password via the Account Identity dropdown
LEA-181 As an user I want to close/dismiss Identity dropdown by clicking anywhere outside the callout
LEA-183 As an user I want that page scroll up when I click next / previous page in test player
LEA-228 As an Admin I want to see small color area near each colorpicker when setting up custom color cheme in Custoization UI form so I can preview the colors
LEA-231 As an Admin I can use Advanced color options to override pallete colors on specific places
LEA-265 As an Admin I want to register custom CSS classes into WYSIWYG editor via Advanced Theme Option so Authors can use apply them to content by using Styles dropdown